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dorks_inc's Journal

Dorks Incorporated
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This community was started by dorks for dorks. Use it to display your many degrees of dorkiness! We know there's lots of dorks out there...some in hiding ashamed to come out.
We offer dorks_inc as a safe haven for all the dorks!!! Uh yeah...I'll add more to this later!



  1. Moderators will be respected

  2. Courtesy is a must. Respect others and they will respect you.

  3. Subject matter of posts is up to you. Anything is permitted as long as it is not inflamatory to another member, or may be considered offensive. This is not a rant community. If you need to rant about something, do it in your journal.

  4. Quiz results, stories, spoilers of any kind, and other similar material should be placed in an lj-cut.

  5. Advertising is permitted as long as you show some restraint. If you need to advertise a lot, please lj-cut it and lrave a description in your post as to what it is about.

  6. If you have a problem with something, contact one of the moderators.

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