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Gourmet Cookies as Wedding Favors

As per the custom that originated among European aristocracy long ago, all guests that attend a wedding are offered wedding favors as a token of appreciation and thanks for having attended the ceremony. There are wide range of inexpensive favor gifts to choose from in the market. However, nothing beats specially made gourmet cookies that not only show the immense care that went into making them for each and every guest, but also are a delight to consume.

There are many exceptional gourmet cookies available in the market. Nonetheless, many couples prefer to use their own recipes to add that surprise element to the gift. You can choose to have the cookies in any shape you want, and have them frosted over with the names of the guests for a very personalized wedding favor. The name of your guest artistically written can make a great difference in the gift; it adds to the sentimental value and makes the occasion even more special.

With a little inspiration and creativity you can make cookies shaped as flowers, hearts, bouquets, etc. The cookies can be arranged into an exquisitely beautiful box that adds to the value of the gift. The packaging is as important as the quality of the cookies packed within. If you are unable to get special boxes the cookies can be set into tiny baskets, or even cellophane miniature sacks bound with gold ribbons.

If you choose to purchase the gourmet cookies instead of making them, you will find many types available in supermarkets and gourmet Shoppe's. The cost of the cookies depend on what type of cookie you prefer. You can choose from among hundreds of special wedding designs and have them monogrammed with the names or initials of your guests. You can even have your photographs on the cookies, though this would cost you extra. You can use icing to create any type of message or design matched to the theme of the wedding.

For those who are good in the kitchen or have a great recipe, cookies baked at home can save more than half of the budget that would have otherwise gone for the confectionary-made ones. In addition to the yummy gourmet cookies, gift boxes might also contain an assortment of chocolate, candies and other similar goodies.

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